Mike Riddle, M.D.

As many of you know, obtaining a patent in today’s world is no easy task.  In fact when considering the time involved, the legal expertise needed, and the cost alone, the whole process can be completely overwhelming and render success nearly impossible.

A summary of my story begins in 2011 when I secured legal council from a local, experienced, and well-respected patent attorney and law firm, and applied for my first patent.  After several thousand dollars spent and over 3 years into the process, I received a final rejection from the patent examiner.  My attorneys at that time felt that my invention was unpatentable and recommended I let it go and move on.  I on the other had was not so ready to throw in the towel so I pressed on in spite of and without the assistance of legal counsel.

I went on do substantial personal research, and I subsequently filed a Continuation in Part (CIP) with the USPTO.  After another couple thousand dollars spent, and another 3 years of my time exhausted, I again received that dreaded final rejection.

Now by this time in 2017 I was into this particular patent application process for over 6 years.  I was terribly disappointed, and like my legal counsel before me, I too was beginning to feel that it was a lost cause and unpatentable. I had finally given up and was truly ready to cut my losses and let the application go abandoned.

After my very first conversation with them, I immediately knew these guys were different.  Marc and Eric listened intently.  It was obvious that they were passionate about their jobs, they truly cared about their clients, and they were sharp and really knew their stuff.  They did not provide a false hope and at no point did I feel like their intentions were simply seeking after money.  They went to work right away and thoroughly researched my invention.  Because of this I felt compelled to write this rather lengthy testimonial about attorneys Marc Shropshire and Eric Lovell.

Like a well-oiled machine and a winning team, they had the full grasp of my invention within a matter of a day or two, much as one would have if they had invented it themselves.  They left no stone unturned.

And above all this, they were both so genuinely kind and pleasant to talk to, which is what has left the biggest lasting impression upon me.  They were even eager to work after hours and make themselves available anytime.  They also truly empathize with their clients, sharing both the joys as well as the frustrations.

I could go on and certainly continue with much much more, but I’ll bring this story and testimonial to a close.  After few phone conversations later and submissions of new paperwork to the USPTO it happened!

Marc called me on a weekend excited to tell me that after all these years the patent examiner had issued a Notice of Allowance and my patent was finally going to be granted!   What was once a seemingly unpatentable invention became fully patentable!  Where other legal council had failed and given up, where I myself had given up, heck, in fact, where even the patent examiner himself had nearly given up, Marc and Eric did not, and they got the job done!

And not only did they get the job done but they got the job done in less than 3 months.  What other patent attorneys and myself could not do in 6 years, they accomplished in a couple months!!  I could not be prouder to be working with such an amazing team at S&L US IP Attorneys, PC!

If you are struggling to get your patent I urge you to call these two guys!  If there is any patent attorneys on this entire planet that can help you get your patent, its these two!  Time and money well spent!  Thanks so much Marc and Eric!